Meet Our Leaders

Michael Lambert

Local Health Authority Liaison and Project Manager

Michael (Mike) Lambert serves as the Local Health Authority Liaison and Project Manager at BMHC, where he plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the intricate web of relationships between the City of Manor and Travis County. With a keen eye for data analysis, Mike is tasked with the crucial responsibility of identifying, confirming, and specifying the roles of existing health-related programs and services to ensure efficiency, prevent overlap, and pinpoint areas requiring focused attention.

Bringing to the table over two decades of rich experience, Mike’s professional journey spans 23 years across various high-stakes realms including sales, project management, product management, and business development. His career has seen him make his mark in both sprawling corporations and nimble startups, showcasing his versatile skill set. Mike’s secret to sustained success lies in his unwavering commitment to collaboration and relationship building, through which he has consistently driven growth and innovation.

At BMHC, Mike leverages his comprehensive background to enhance community health initiatives, ensuring that services are both effective and well-coordinated. His work not only strengthens the existing healthcare infrastructure but also lays down a robust foundation for future endeavors aimed at enriching the lives of those within the Manor and Travis County communities.