BMHC in 2023

As we reflect on our first year of services, we’re thrilled to share our impact with you, and we’re looking forward to an even more transformative year two. 

The Care You Need on Your Terms.

Never sweat the details of your healthcare again.
BMHC exists to lower barriers to successful healthcare by taking on some of the burden such as scheduling, finances and coordination between providers. Tell us what you need and we can work out the details.

Health Care Facilitator

Care management across providers at no additional cost to you, including scheduling appointments and tracking follow-ups.

Financial Support

Help with insurance applications and coordination. BMHC will also support you through gaps in coverage or cover co-pays in times of need.

Easier Access to Care

Benefits or not, we want you to be connected to care. You can utilize your workplace benefits or we can help you find the coverage and care you need.

Connecting You with the Knowledge and Resources to Powerfully Take on Your Health

Physical Health

Primary Care, Heart Health, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure Management.

Mental Health

Mental & Behavioral Health consultations for individuals, couples, and families, as well as group therapy.

Lifestyle & Education

Veterans programs, exercise classes, nutritional workshops, community roundtables, and health fairs.

Your Benefits Are Good Here.

We also accept the following insurance plans at no additional cost to our clients for services.


We are a "No wrong-door safety net program for men of color"

Convenient Appointments

Same-day appointments across the coalition / collaborative to address urgent and routine needs within the target population to increase access capacity with physical, behavioral, and social determinant providers.

Proactive Screenings

Health screenings, assessment opportunities and events focused on the early detection of potential diseases with readily available health and wellness program enrollment.

Empowering Knowledge

Courses teaching clients about healthy foods and eating habits to reduce diseases and adverse outcomes to improve traditionally poor health statuses amongst men of color.

Take On Your Health Powerfully. We Have Your Back.

BMHC is a “No wrong-door safety net program for men of color.” You will receive a head-to-toe assessment to address all possible concerns which will inform our health care professionals of the current state of your health. Any validated conditions will be followed up with a more focused assessment to inform your care path.

Intake Assessment
Create a Wellness Plan
Work with providers who have your best interest at heart
Take Advantage of resources and find community

Intake Assessment

Create a Wellness Plan

Work with providers who have your best interest ar heart

Take Advantage of resources and find community

Your Support Matters

Any donation you can make to either of these 3 organizations will help BMHC in its commitment to making long-time care more accessible to men of color. 

Text “BMHC” to 707070 to Donate Today!

BMHC Goals: Restored Trust, Improved Quality of Life, and a Long Legacy

Improving your health is a step toward generational wealth. The Black Men’s Health Clinic is committed to eliminating inequities and addressing the long-time healthcare gap for men of color, meaning working with you to restore trust in provider care. 

Combat Preventable Illnesses with Healthier
Eating & Other Educational Programs

Build a Larger Community of Culturally
Competent Health Service Providers

Destigmatize Disease Prevention
and Screening through community

Enhance Two-Way Health Literacy and Communication

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