Get to Know Us

BMHC is welcoming a new kind of health clinic to Austin, Travis County, and Central Texas.

For the Health and Wellness of Austin’s Men of Color

This is a first-of-its-kind health clinic addressing the long-time care gap for men of color. The name Black Men’s Health Clinic is intended to remind us of the inequities men of color experience and represent our commitment to addressing them. Black and brown men are far more likely than their counterparts to die prematurely of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Even with research studies and modernized approaches to health, this statistic has unfortunately not changed. BMHC is here to ensure the longevity of life for men of color by elevating it to an essential priority, and providing resources designed to best aid them.

Intentional Collaboration

The BMHC provides comprehensive and holistic care via partnerships and collaborations. Our two-way referral process gives access to no-delay physical, behavioral, or educational services, including follow-ups to ensure continuity of care. One of many ways we increase trust for men of color in the healthcare system. 

Inclusive Prevention

Inclusion is essential to building trust amongst the black community. By being open to all but developed for the marginalized, we hope to reach the traditionally unreachable. Our program includes health education, screenings for high-risk health threats, and outreach to men experiencing homelessness.

Community Impact

Listening is essential to building trust. We make sure our men’s voices are heard throughout the patient journey. Input is gathered from patients for real-time feedback to providers and long-term analyses resulting in system improvements and enhanced patient outcomes.

Our Care Network

BMHC provides integrated services delivered by doctors and healthcare workers representative of our patients; combined with culturally sensitive and historically informed partners, which we believe is vital to ensuring the healthcare system is truly impactful.

Studies show that patients more effectively communicate with providers who look like them and demonstrate higher levels of trust which results in less hesitancy regarding lifesaving preventative screening or invasive treatments.

BMHC History

The African American Men’s Health Clinic (dba) the Black Men’s Health Clinic was created and named in recognition of the racial and ethnic disparities men of color experience and suffer from – particularly black men. In honor of “Say Their Name” and the movements sparked against inequities, the Black Men’s Health Clinic is intentionally combatting health inequities through its community health and resource center, providing outpatient care and social services through multiple provider partnerships. Even with the research, studies, and tweaked approaches by current establishments men of color remain far more likely than their counterparts to die prematurely of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. For that reason, this first-of-its-kind non-traditional clinic ensures a cross-section of services, providers, and space for men of color.

Leadership Board

Larry Wallace, Sr.

Founder / Executive Director

Dr. Wendell Williams

Medical Advisor

Jenny Maxwell

Board Member

Your Support Matters

Any donation you can make to either of these 3 organizations will help BMHC in its commitment to making long-time care more accessible to men of color. Text BMHC for more information.

Get Involved

Over the past few years, COVID-19, Winter Storm URI, the death of George Floyd and others have laid bare society’s inequities creating even greater mental, physical, and social impacts to men of color and their households. The Black Men’s Health Clinic team understands there is a better way to address these needs and ensure men of color receive the specific care and preventative testing necessary to live a long and healthy life.