Meet Our Leaders

Azaniah Israel MBA, PMP

Associate Director of IT & Social Media

Azaniah Israel Sr. proudly serves as the Associate Director of IT & Social Media at Black Men’s Health Clinic. Holding esteemed Bachelor of Business Administration degrees from Baylor University and St. Edwards University, Azaniah possesses a strong educational foundation. His expertise in IT and Digital Marketing, coupled with his academic achievements, uniquely qualify him for his role.

In his position as Associate Director of IT & Social Media, Azaniah excels in creating captivating and meaningful social media content tailored to the Men of color community. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of IT and Digital Marketing, he strategically crafts engaging posts that resonate with the intended audience, fostering connection and awareness.

Azaniah is deeply passionate about empowering our community to overcome disparities across various life systems, particularly in the realm of health. He eagerly anticipates expanding awareness of the clinic beyond Travis County and is committed to actively collaborating with community partners. Azaniah’s dedication lies in working collaboratively to address critical concerns and advance BMHC’s mission in improving the well-being of men of color.