Meet Our Leaders

Carlton Inniss

Practice Management / Clinical Operations

Originally from Miami, Florida, Carlton is a gifted change agent.  As a dynamic leader and entrepreneur with more than 20 years in the healthcare industry, Carlton’s skill set is vast.  He is recognized nationwide for his experience in the areas of operations management, project management, crucial conversations, performance improvement, facilitative leadership and financial analysis.

As a Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach, Carlton’s mission is to help goal-driven leaders effectively add value to the corporate culture instead of being overwhelmed by it, so that they can lead and live with confidence and authenticity.  It is Carlton’s perspective that life is meant to be experienced, but often the “struggles of the day”  interfere with our joy.

Carlton has a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science, a Masters in Health Administration and Masters in Business Administration (with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship), all from the University of Florida. In addition to being a certified coach, Carlton is certified as a Project Management Professional(’14) and a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.  He is also a very active member of the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE), through whom he has received recognition for his leadership in several of NAHSE’s programs and initiatives.

Carlton is also the creator and curator of “Unsolicited Genius” a podcast and show featuring mind expanding discussions about headline news, sports, and entertainment.  Where perspectives not often heard in mainstream media, allow the audience to be entertained and educated simultaneously. Through humor, intellect, and whit, Carlton and team provoke thoughts and challenge norms.

Carlton has a teenage son named Caleel. Together they enjoy boxing, video games, and eating popcorn.  Carlton is a sports fanatic; loves golf, and he is the biggest (and most emotional) New York Giants fan you’ll ever meet.