Meet Our Leaders

Kiounis Williams

Community Outreach Ambassador & Non-Health Internship Supervisor

“Mr. Williams is a Master fitness instructor and wellness consultant  with a long career in the fitness industry and public health. Starting with personal training and sports performance coaching, Kiounis made a name for himself in the fitness industry locally and corporate America via 24 Hour Fitness as a Fitness Specialist. Evident throughout his career, Mr. Williams possesses extensive experience managing individual and group wellness operations, developing exercise and nutritional strategies to improve health, achievable outcomes for individuals, organizations and community wellness engagement. His work is known for focusing on coordinating services between fitness training, small business coaching, nutritional coaching, spiritual development and life coaching throughout the community.

Prior to joining the Black Men’s Health Clinic, he served as General Manager and head master trainer for a fitness tech facility located in Austin Texas. Kiounis continues to serve as wellness coach for The Alliance of African American Health of Central Texas, a lay community health care worker for the African American Mental Health and Wellness Program and serves his community through his Church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

He earned a Bachelor’s of  Health and Wellness Management from East Texas Baptist University, Masters in Business Administration from Louisiana State University – Shreveport. He excelled as a college football player and track and field athlete while graduating with honors”