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Sonya Hosey

Lead Coordinator the Black Men’s Health Clinic - Pflugerville

Sonya Hosey is the Director of the AL Community Development Corporation’s (ALCDC) GUD LIFE Holistic Wellness program. She is the Lead Coordinator for the Black Men’s Health Clinic in Pflugerville. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University, and her extensive experience in the field has earned her a reputation as a leader and expert in community wellness.

Ms. Hosey has held various roles, such as director of grants management for a state agency, director of service coordination, and director of intake determination and referrals for a county organization. She has served on numerous committees focusing on mental health, intellectual development disabilities, and health-related services. Ms. Hosey has also been a part of various state and community agency advisory committees and subcommittees, including Faith-based and Health Initiatives, Child Welfare, Austin Area African American Behavioral Health Network, Travis County Collaborative for Children (TBRI), School to Work Transition Team, Children’s Long-term Care Policy Council, Mental Retardation Directors Board Committee, Austin Travis County Strategic Planning Committee, Austin Independent School District Special Education Advisory Committee, and Travis County School-Based Regional Team.

For over two decades, Ms. Hosey has played an integral role in the planning committee for the Central Texas African-American Family Support Conference, the longest-running African-American conference in the nation. Additionally, she is a Central Texas Health and Wellness Network Engine in Williamson County, focusing on addressing health equity.

Ms. Hosey is the CEO and Founder of the Moore 4 Sisters Ministries—She Speaks Wellness program, an empowering program for African American women. Her program aids women in achieving optimal wellness in all aspects of life by bringing awareness about mental health, emotional well-being, recovery, and spiritual health in a way that bridges the gap in the quality of health. She is a board-certified Christian counselor, trained in mental health first aid, and a mental health trainer from a biblical perspective. In 2014, Ms. Hosey launched the Wellness and Empowerment Community Ministries (WECM) program, which supports a Williamson County rural church.

Alongside her professional career, Ms. Hosey is a minister at the Abundant Life Church of Pflugerville, Texas, a wife of 37 years, and a mother of two.

Sonya Hosey,
GUD LIFE Holistic Wellness
Director AL Community Development Corporation (ALCDC)
EIN 81-1544330
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1184 Pflugerville, Texas 78691
Physical Address: 1006 Old Austin Hutto Rd. Pflugerville, Texas 78660