Meet Our Leaders

Toya Craney

Community Health Navigation & Unhoused Liaison

Latoya Craney is a highly motivated human resource professional with many years of experience in coordinating employee events, workplace problem solving, management skills, and the coordination of office policies and procedures. She has experience in case management and collaborating with numerous clients. Latoya has held positions as Director of Administration, where she was responsible for HR, bookkeeping, money management, and managing and coordinating client resource support. Other roles included working as an administrative assistant with transitional homes, where she collaborated with clients in the areas of adult protective services, unhoused, and mentally and socially challenged. In addition to her skills, she worked as an office manager, where she was responsible for medication management, managing clients’ appointments, collecting rent, and bookkeeping. Latoya holds certifications in Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Youth Mental Health First Aide, and Community Health Worker.